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Dr. Eduardo Crooke

Dental Implants, Prosthetics and Aesthetics

Dr Eduardo Crooke followed in the footsteps of his father and qualified as a dentist from the prestigious European University of Madrid and in implantology from the University of Göteborg , Sweden, specialising in this field exclusively since then to become a leading expert oral surgeon.

Felix Wucherpfennig

General dentistry and dental implants

Felix Wucherpfennig Price graduated from the San Pablo Ceu University, in Madrid, in 2010. Following his Bachelor of Dental Surgery, he went on to study a postgraduate in Implantology at the University of Central Lancanshire (UCLAN), in the UK. Since then he has attended several aesthetic dentistry courses to extend his expertise and knowledge.

Dr. Ricardo Recena

Dental Implants, Prosthetics and Aesthetics

Ricardo Recena graduated from the San Paulo University in Brazil. He then studied a postgraduate in implantology and certified as member of the Digital Smile Design Association. He has done extended research in technology CAD-CAM in Spain and joined SEPES and DENTAL XP

It is an advanced training center for professionals in dentistry, specialized in new and innovative methodologies design to achieve an effective and productive dental clinic.


3D digital technology with intraoral scanners and CT scans have improved patient diagnosis and streamlined the treatment planning. Course participants will experience hands-on knowledge in the use of this technology vs the traditional 2D radiographs.

This course also teaches to increase acceptance of treatments from patients by improving the communication and deliver more effectively treatment plans.



A dental digital workflow allows for the full integration of the 3D digital diagnosis tools, the treatment planning and the prosthetic design. In this course the participants will learn how to use the software integration tools for planning and computer guided surgery.

They will be able to practice this in real life dental problems defining implant position and ranging from single to multiple restorations.


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Digital Workflow process

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Guided Surgery

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Digital Prosthesis

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Dental work experience

What will you see and learn?

 You will experience the interaction between patient and dentist and how to overcome those that are difficult to treat. You will understand how a private dental practice runs, how important it is to take notes and communicate well with every member of the team. You will learn the integral role of every member of the dental team and experience hands on the challenging environment, the responsibility, and the ability to teach, advice and help patients.

You will continuously learn and enhance your skills, learn the capacity you have to relieve pain and prevent problems, diagnose dental and general health conditions.

 Which treatments will I shadow?

 This course duration is 4 weeks. The main purpose of this course is to gain a feel of day to day responsibilities of a dentist and observe at first-hand the procedures that are carried out.

This clinic specialises in complex cases and resolves dental problems with digital technology to improve patient experience and comfort. Digital technology improves workflow from diagnosis to planning to treatment.

You will learn the digital dental workflow ethos of our clinic in treating the following cases;

  1. Advanced Diagnosis, Treatment Planning & Photography
  2. Digital orthodontics
  3. Computer guided surgery and implant placement
  4. Digital Prosthesis

The areas of experience will also include periodontics and other facets found in general dental practice