Benefits of Zirconium Implants

  • One of the main advantages of a one-piece zirconia implant is that it has no prosthetic connections, where bacteria can grow, and therefore can lead to better gum health.
  • Because zirconium is white, it is more aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking. Normally, the whole implant restoration is metal-free, so the problem of matching the shade of adjacent teeth while hiding the dark color of the metal abutment is avoided.
  • Gums are healthier around ceramic materials and better preserved. Because no metal is involved, the color of the gums will remain natural-pink.
  • Another quality of zirconia is its resistance to corrosion, which, theoretically, does not apply to titanium. Being a metal, titanium can be subjected to corrosion, although this is highly unlikely.
  • Zirconium implants are hypoallergenic, giving patients with titanium allergies (which are extremely rare) an alternative for dental implants.


Suitable for everyone

Solution for patients with bone loss. Only 4 implants for each.


Fast Treatment

Immediate solution. Resume normal life within 3 months


Quick Recovery

Solution without grafts, fewer visits to the clinic and a fast recovery time.


New Technology

Zirconium has a high degree of biocompatability and resistance. This material provides beauty, texture and translucency.